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Air Fryer Spicy Garlic Green Bean Fries

These are not your average boring green beans! Crispy air fried green beans will entice your most finicky eater to give veggies another try. Healthy eating tends to top the list of New Years Resolutions! There’s no doubt that eating a variety of green veggies should be part of that. As a child, I grew […]

Pull-up progression

Pull-ups can be one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises you can do! It is a compound movement that builds strength in the back, biceps, forearms, grip and a beautiful V-taper. For most people, even one to three pull-ups is a victory!  Gaining the strength and good technique required to do a pull-up takes time […]

20 minute Beach Body Circuit, Tulum MX

Sand, surf and sweat! Blast fat and build muscle at the beach! Traveling provides a break from traditional gym workouts. The beautiful beaches in Tulum, Mexico are the perfect setting for a beach workout. It’s a Fit Chick’s Paradise! This full-body circuit combines explosive plyometric movements that work the legs, fire-up the metabolism and mat […]

Cauliflower Linguine with Italian sausage

Finding healthier versions for family meals is a daily challenge for me.  I’ve done a lot of experimenting in the kitchen during Stay-at-home orders.  Comfort food has been the first request from my quarantine crew! This healthier version of pasta and Italian sausage was a hit!  Not to mention, I was able to sneak in […]

Upper body TRX workout

  As a professional physique competitor and trainer, I rely on resistance training to build and shape my clients’ physiques. I use the TRX suspension trainer often as a warmup and/or finisher. During our Quarantine time, I’ve used my suspension trainer more often than usual in my workouts.  This upper body and core workout was […]

Minimal equipment glute circuit

In a hurry, no need to worry!  We’ve got your glutes covered with this minimal equipment glute workout. Equipment: Dumbbells 8-15lbs. Hip Circle.  I used the Glute Loop by Bret Contreras Lateral steps with hip circle just above knees – 30 alternating Band should be just above your knees.  Sit back slightly putting weight into […]

Are you ready to start contest prep?

Preparing for a physique competition can be one of the most exciting times of your life. After months of disciplined eating, workouts and posing practice, getting on stage is a celebration! The sweat and sacrifice is hard and that’s what makes it GREAT! The thrill and personal accomplishment that accompanies knowing that YOU did the […]

Aging Younger While Pursuing Fitness Goals

I recently celebrated another birthday! As I reflect on memories, accomplishments and future goals, the concept of “aging” has been on my mind.  What does “act your age” even mean? There are days when I wake up and think, “I’m getting older and aches and pains are part of that.” Or, one I heard about […]