Tips for getting the most out of your fitness goals

8 things I’ve learned in 30 years of weight training….

  1. Not everyone in the gym is there for muscle gains and/or weight loss.
  2. Show up and start moving; motivation follows action.
  3. Some workouts are a 10, some are a 2. As long as most are somewhere in between, you’ll make progress. 
  4. Top 5 things that slow progress- Under-eating, poor food choices, excessive cardio, not training heavy enough, and poor sleep/ recovery. 
  5. Just because an exercise looks creative and novel doesn’t mean it’s better than the tried and true movements. 
  6. The best exercise for me may not be the best exercise for you. EveryBODY is unique with a lifetime of experiences. 
  7. Fitness goals should enhance our lives, not consume our every waking moment. Competitors know how challenging it is to keep this balance. 
  8. Be the person who makes a commitment to herself and keeps it. 

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Happy New Year Friends!! 🎉🎉

Confessions of a recovering Perfectionist

Hello, I’m Vicki and I’m a recovering Perfectionist…

Seriously, have you ever obsessed over a decision, wanting to make the right one that it literally paralyzes you from moving forward? Do you wait for things to feel perfect before stepping forward toward a goal?  Guilty!  The regret of unmet potential can spiral into feelings of doubt and excuses.  As I look forward to 2017 and the areas I want to improve, I realize that action must be equally as important as the goal.  Even if that action means embracing the idea of “failing forward” instead of remaining idle. Maybe your goal is to start exercising, explore a new business opportunity, start or end a relationship, or find a new hobby. Find or create an environment that supports your goal and helps you build a mindset that keeps you moving forward.  If you want this year to be different, we have to do something different!  Who’s with me?!