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Stand out

Stand out Competition season is upon us and progress photos are starting to flood our newsfeed.  It’s easy to get distracted and start to doubt our progress when we see others making faster progress or sharing their insane fasted cardio updates.  Whether you’re new to the NPC stage or a veteran in the IFBB, the […]

Resolution Reset

Resolution Reset We’re one month into the new year!  We started the new year with big goals and ambitions for finally sticking with our health and fitness goals. Life happens, we get distracted and before you know it, those goals can slip away if we don’t recommit to our action plans.  Good news!  It’s never […]

Shoulder workout

My favorite muscle group to train… Shoulders! Whether you’re rocking your favorite tank top or posing on stage, round, full delts never go out of style. As we build fullness in the shoulders, our waists look smaller. Gone are the days of shoulder pads; so let’s build our own! Shoulder workout 1/23 Lateral raise with […]

Confessions of a recovering Perfectionist

Hello, I’m Vicki and I’m a recovering Perfectionist… Seriously, have you ever obsessed over a decision, wanting to make the right one that it literally paralyzes you from moving forward? Do you wait for things to feel perfect before stepping forward toward a goal?  Guilty!  The regret of unmet potential can spiral into feelings of […]

Prepare for Success!

While working with clients this past week, I noticed a consistent trend causing frustration….. Nutrition and meal planning.  For some it was the distraction of life’s busy-ness and for others it was boredom.  Some weren’t eating enough, some racked up calories by mindlessly snacking.  Sound familiar?  Eating the right food for optimal performance is a […]

Inspiration to live a life you love

Chris Ghanbari (Best Muscle Video) and I met in 2012 after the Ronnie Coleman Classic. It was fun catching up with him after this year’s Olympia. In this video we talked about inspirational moments in my life that drive me to never settle and strive to help others push toward their goals, big or small.