Prepare for Success!

While working with clients this past week, I noticed a consistent trend causing frustration….. Nutrition and meal planning.  For some it was the distraction of life’s busy-ness and for others it was boredom.  Some weren’t eating enough, some racked up calories by mindlessly snacking.  Sound familiar?  Eating the right food for optimal performance is a big key to success.  Some might say, it’s one of the biggest factors in whether you’ll succeed in your health and fitness goals.  Whether the goal is to loose that last stubborn five pounds, or to get stage-ready, commitment and consistency are essential.  It’s important that your nutrition be something that you see yourself adopting for the rest of your life.  Crash diets end just how they sound…. CRASH!  Whole foods should be the main ingredient in a balanced diet.  Supplements and meal replacements are meant to “supplement” a sound diet.  I am a firm believer that the right supplements have a role in optimal nutrition, but they shouldn’t be relied upon as a quick fix.  Here’s my routine, I typically cook all of my protein on Sundays and again on Wednesdays, if needed.  I cook a large pot of rice, baked potatoes and grilled veggies.   I measure and pack them in plastic containers and baggies for quick grab meals and snacks during the week.  This may sound tedious, BUT, without this preparation, I’d be lured by foods that could sabotage my results and keep me from my goal.  This plan is not about deprivation. Indulging in your favorite treats is okay when done at the timing and proportion according to your goals!

So, as the holiday season is fast upon us, a little preparation in the kitchen can help keep you from swaying that scale an extra 10+ pounds over the holiday months! For more info on nutrition and the supplements I use, contact me at